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The Ethics of Physical Embodiment

Project Description

The Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character invites students, faculty, and staff to apply for the SIERS Fall 2016 Cohort.   

Scholars are expected to attend weekly meetings, related events throughout the year, present their research at various related conferences/symposiums, as well as produce a publishable piece for the SIERS Journal. The publishable piece is not limited to an article, other versions of creative output will be considered.

Scholars are appointed for a one year commitment. Those students graduating are still encouraged to apply, so long as they can commit to the weekly meetings. Scholars serve as a research team tackling a common topic, each from their own discipline or perspective. Each scholar is free to choose a specific area of research within the theme.

Students may request directed study credit for participation in SIERS. 

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Project Department

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Seeking researchers

Researcher Requirements

When speaking of our physical embodiment, many qualities, attributes, and representations come to mind. The Fall 2016 Cohort will be open to researching issues related, but not limited to, issues of masculinity, femininity, ageism, skin color, gender, sizeism, ableism, media representation, and the list goes on. Applicants are encouraged to propose topics that could fall under this umbrella theme of The Ethics of Physical Embodiment.

Project Duration

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 to Friday, August 12, 2016


Crystal Money