Symposium of Student Scholars

convocation center

Save the Date! April 16, 2020

Co-sponsored by the Undergraduate Research Club and the Office of Undergraduate Research, the Symposium of Student Scholars is an event to showcase student scholarship conducted at KSU during the past academic year. In previous years, we have had a great deal of disciplinary diversity in projects presented, including readings of new works from authors, performances of new compositions from musicians, explanations of curricular innovations from educators, innovative business models from entrepreneurs, urban landscape analyses from geographers, and a wide variety of scientific research papers.

The Symposium of Student Scholars showcases research conducted by ALL KSU students, not solely undergraduates. KSU graduate students are encouraged to present the results of their research projects. Their work will be designated as "Graduate" during the poster and presentation sessions.

**We encourage ALL KSU students engaging in research/creative activity during the last academic year to submit their projects to the Symposium of Student Scholars. Even if you are unable to physically present your work at the Symposium, your project and the names of all authors and co-authors will be recognized in the program.

Click here to view the 2018 program. 

    • Event
    • Oral Sessions/Performances/Visual Arts Displays -- Session #1
      9:30am - 10:45am
    • Oral Sessions/Performances/Visual Arts Displays -- Session #2
      11:00am - 12:15pm
    • Oral Sessions/Performances/Visual Arts Displays -- Session #3
      12:30pm - 1:45pm
    • Poster Session #1
      2:00pm - 3:00pm
      Convocation Center
    • Poster Session #2
      3:15pm - 4:15pm
      Convocation Center
    • Reception (with food and beverages)
      4:15pm - 5:00pm
      Convocation Center
    • Awards Ceremony
      5:00pm - 6:00pm
      Convocation Center


  • There are prizes for the top posters and presentations. To view past winners, click here.

    • Click here for the Symposium of Student Scholars application.
    • A separate form should be used for each individual project.
    • All projects submitted will be recognized in the program. Those students choosing to present at the Symposium will have their abstracts published in the program.
    • We encourage ALL graduate and undergraduate students engaging in research/creative activity during the past year to present their work at the Symposium, showcasing all of the great projects at KSU.
    • Proposals can be submitted as 15-minute oral presentations, performances, art displays, or posters. Posters can be printed for free through the Office of Undergraduate Research.
    • Please complete this form even if you are unable to attend the event. We would like this program to be a comprehensive list of all student research and creative activity conducted at KSU during the past year.

    *Note: You will need to write an abstract for your submission if you are presenting at the Symposium. For examples of past abstracts, check out past Symposium programs here.

    • Yes - we are happy to accept the research you completed while a student at KSU in the past year.

    • This is normally not allowed because it gives the impression that you have done more research than you actually have. HOWEVER!! In this case, it is permissible. The Symposium of Student Scholars is a chance to show off your work to the campus and larger community; we want to see what you’ve done at these other conferences. If you are creating a resume/vita, you should somehow indicate that the presentation at the Symposium is the same as a presentation elsewhere.

    • Definitely! Any student who has engaged in undergraduate research/creative activity during the past year is eligible to get his/her name in the program. You can present the finished research at the Symposium of Student Scholars next year, or you can present preliminary data this year if you wish.

    • Definitely! All students, faculty, administrators, staff, and community members are welcome to attend, regardless of whether they have research to present. Attending the Symposium of Student Scholars is an excellent way to see the research opportunities available at Kennesaw State University.

    • We have tried to make this work, but often students are unable to make a particular session because of their work or class schedule. We prefer to schedule people based on their availability rather than making them skip work or class because they are forced into a particular poster session.

    • No; there isn't room without violating fire codes. 

    • Judges are faculty volunteers; sometimes there are no judges (or not enough judges) from a particular discipline. If you would like to see better representation of your discipline, encourage your professors to attend the Symposium and sign up to be a judge. 

    • Please look above under Schedule.