Graduation Cords

Please complete the form below. The Office of Undergraduate Research will evaluate your application and contact you about the graduation cords. In order to be eligible for cords, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Present at the Symposium of Student Scholars (it can be any year up to your graduation)
  2. Receive funding for your research, such as URCA, NCUR, CARET, or funding through your department
  3. Present at another local, regional, national, or international conference. This conference does not necessarily have to be connected to your funding above, but you must have the experience of presenting at a conference in addition to the Symposium of Student Scholars. If you have published your work instead of presenting it, please note that in the box.

These graduation cords are free for students who meet all of the above criteria. Students who do not meet all of the above criteria are ineligible for the cords.