Undergraduate Research Funding Panel

All funding proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of faculty experts in the field of study. The Director and/or Associate Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research will serve as program director for individual funding rounds, selecting panel participants according to the content of the submitted proposals. This process is modeled after the National Science Foundation (NSF) review process (described here) and is applicable to these funding opportunities:

The review process will be updated with a “return without review” option for proposals that do not adhere to the proposal guidelines, consistent with the NSF process. It is crucial that PIs strictly adhere to the submission guidelines as no exceptions will be considered. Panel review will allow for more technically written proposals and review by experts in the field of study, increasing the focus on intellectual merit. Panel comments will be aggregated by an assigned scribe and provided to submitters, assisting in future proposal development.

If you are have questions about the panel review process or would like to participate as a panelist, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at our@kennesaw.edu.