Research Institutes and Centers

  • Burruss Institute

    A.L. Burruss Institute ofPublic Outreach and Service

    For over 30 years the institute has been providing applied research services to organizations throughout Georgia, nationally, and here at KSU.  Institute staff  specialize in developing, implementing, analyzing, and reporting data that is collected via telephone, online, and paper survey methodologies. Clients are given the tools needed to tackle difficult questions and elected officials and administrators are equipped with the latest data and analysis in order to better serve their constituents.

  • Center for Statistics and Analytical Research

    Center of Statistics and Analytical Research (CSAR)

    The center, housed in the Analytics and Data Science Insitute, is the focal point for applied interdisciplinary analytical research at KSU. The center  engages affiliated faculty from across the university to leverage cutting edge research to address the challenges and opportunities related to Big Data. The Center employs Ph.D. students in Analytics and Data Science, as well as master's students from several affiliated analytics programs, to work on projects aligned with healthcare, finance, engineering and retail, as well as initiatives engaging the local community for social good.

  • Center for Sustainable Journalism

    Center for Sustainable Journalism (CSJ)

    The Center aims to discover innovative ways to produce financially sustainable, high quality and ethically sound journalism via applied research, collaborations and advancing innovative projects. The Center publishes multiple projects including Youth Today, The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, and Bokeh Focus.

  • Institute for Cybersecurity Workforce Development

    Institute for Cybersecurity Workforce Development

    The Institute fosters interdisciplinary collaboration in cybersecurity workforce development across the university; develops and delivers educational opportunities, academic discovery, commercialization opportunities; and helps the state support public and private sector workforce demands through high-quality offering of certificates, degree programs, and ongoing education for managers and high-level executives.

  • Research Computing

    Research Computing

    KSU is home to the High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, which supports various research projects conducted by faculty and students. The specialized technology resources and technical expertise is coordinated in partnership between the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Vice President for Information Technology and the Office of the Vice President for Research.  The HPC cluster is a collection of separate servers interconnected together on an isolated, fast network. This shared resource is freely available to all KSU faculty and their designees engaged in research activities.