IACUC Continuing Review or Modification Form

Proposed Changes Regarding the Use of Animals in Ongoing Activities

Amendments to an existing ACUP must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC before the changes are implemented. The administrative and committee review process is virtually identical to that for new protocols. Changes made to a protocol may be categorized as one of two types, significant or minor.


A. Significant Changes or Modifications

Significant changes follow the same procedures as new proposals (above) and may require full committee review at a convened meeting. The following actions (identified by the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare as significant) generally require approval by the full committee:

  • change in objectives of a study;
  • proposals to switch from non-survival to survival surgery;
  • change in degree of invasiveness of a procedure or discomfort to an animal;
  • change in species or in the approximate number of animals used;
  • change in anesthetic agent(s) or in the withholding of analgesics; change in methods of euthanasia;
  • change in duration, frequency or number of procedures performed on an animal; and
  • change in Principal Investigator (PI).


B. Minor Changes or Modifications

Those actions that have no effect on the humane care and use of laboratory animals may be administratively reviewed and approved by the IACUC Chair and a delegated subcommittee of IACUC members (minimum of 2 members plus the Chair). These include changes in personnel (other than the PI or co-PI), change in protocol title, and change in funding source.  If the change in funding source includes any additional or different procedures, the amendment shall be distributed to the full committee for consideration.

Revisions to an existing protocol do not extend the current approval period. Please use the document below to notify the IACUC of any Protocol Modifications or to request a Continuing Review and submit it to iacuc@kennesaw.edu.