The Burruss Institute utilizes one of the most advanced and versatile software programs on the market to create your web survey.

  • It is very important, for the success of a web survey, that the instrument be attractive, easy to read and understand, and easy to navigate. Our experienced programmers will ensure that all of these qualities are in place.

  • Our ability to send out personalized email invitations and multiple reminders requesting participation, significantly increases response rates.

  • Each invitation contains a link to the survey, allowing the respondent to instantly access the survey.

  • A respondent may be assigned a unique identifier (login name), allowing only that person to access the web page. This also prevents a respondent from taking the survey more than once.

  • Questions are programmed so that non-applicable questions can be skipped.

  • List items can be randomized, thereby eliminating order effect within a list.

  • Information obtained from one question can be "piped" into a separate question. This can be very helpful in reminding a respondent how he or she responded to a previous question, or even used to create a separate list of questions based upon their answer to a previous item(s).

  • We can also import any information you provide, specific to a respondent, into a survey. For example, a name or region can be inserted to make the survey more personal or focus the respondent's attention on a certain area.

  • Graphics, images, or videos can be placed inside of a survey.

  • Web surveys eliminate the need for data entry when completed surveys are collected. This reduces error, saving you money by eliminating a step in the data collection process.

  • All data is stored on a secure server, at all times.

In the case where you do not have email addresses for respondents, the Burruss Institute can coordinate standard mailings and reminder postcards to your selected population.

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