Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of defining the goals and direction of an organization for a set period of time. A strategic plan provides guidance and outlines where the organization is going. Conducting a strategic plan outlines how the organization will reach its intended goals, and provides a timeline for completing the tasks that will lead to the eventual goal attainment. Creating a strategic plan is a crucial step in ensuring your organization grows and develops as the organization progresses. The Burruss Institute has an extensive background in assisting organizations with developing a strategic plan that meets the needs and desires of the organization.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning will provide your organization with a roadmap towards a desired outcome. Integrating the strategic plan into your organization allows each person to understand how they function in the plan, and how their work will help move the organization towards reaching its goals. Most importantly, a strategic plan ensures that your organization is able to provide a direction for the organization, and adjust as the organization continues down its path towards reaching its goals.

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