Program Evaluation is vital to ensure your organization is meeting its goals and mission. Measuring the success of a program is often the focus of many organizations. However, the success of the program is often tied to the number of people served, or the amount of items donated. This focus prevents organizations from understanding how effective their program really is. The Burruss Institute is particularly suited to help organizations identify the areas of their programs that should be measured, and provides impactful results that can be used to gain further insight into the program. Armed with this information, organizations are then able to scale or adjust their programs to better meet the needs of their clients.

Program Evaluation Benefits

Program evaluations help prevent waste by identifying the successful aspects of the program and weeding out unnecessary aspects. In an economy where funds are scarce, it is imperative that organizations strive for efficiency. Program evaluation can also lead to increases in clients served by revealing areas for expansion and improvement. The more efficient the program is, the more likely that it can be scaled up to meet a greater demand.

Program evaluations are also a good tool to demonstrate organizational effectiveness. Successful program evaluations will highlight where the program is succeeding at meeting the mission of the organization. This is excellent material to show potential donors or investors the benefits of your organization, and that you are actually meeting your intended outcome.

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