The Burruss Institute houses the Peace Corp Fellows program at Kennesaw State University. Returning Peace Corp members are able to complete their masters degree at KSU while working with the Maya Heritage Community Project.  For information about participating in the Peace Corp programs at KSU please click here.

Maya Heritage Project

MCHP LogoPeace Corp Fellows participate in the Maya Heritage Community Project, which is an “engaged university” program that engages the university with the community of Georgia and the United States.  The Maya Project works in partnership with various Maya organizations that promote education, civic learning, and human well-being.  Students and faculty who have been involved in the Maya Project have come from diverse parts of the campus, including Nursing, Education, Political Science, History, Human Services,  Languages, Communications, International Affairs,  and American Studies.  The latest project completed by the Maya Project was the nationally funded Maya Health Toolkit.  For more information about the Maya Heritage Project click here.

Mayan Healthcare Tool Kit

The Maya Health Tool Kit is a unique utensil designed to ease the process of providing healthcare to Maya people.  In addition to the difficulties of language, the Maya people in the United States also encounter economic, transportation, cultural and healthcare literacy barriers.  In partnership with Maya organizations and with Maya consultants, the making of the toolkit lasted nearly two years and involved focus groups and workshops in California, Oregon, Nebraska, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Colorado.  The 73 page toolkit includes a cultural profile, case studies, language proficiency resources, literature review, interpreter location resources,  and pre-natal and diabetes information presentations recorded in four different Maya languages. Click here to access the tool kit.