Graduate Research Assistant

The Burruss Institute provides an excellent opportunity for graduate students interested in expanding their experience and knowledge in the field of research. Graduate Assistants are able to work with staff members on specific projects that test the skills of the graduate student.


The Graduate Research Assistant position requires a mininum of 13 hours per week, but does not exceed 17 hours per week. The marginal number of required hours leaves plenty of time for class and homework as you work to complete your degree. The position also includes a waiver of that semester's tuition plus a small monthly stipend.

Skills Aquired

Graduate Research Assistants will gain first hand experience in industry standard software such as SPSS, SAS, and Teleform. Graduate Assistants will have the opportunity to collect, code, and analyze data from a variety of different sources. The opportunity to publish work is also available to interested graduate assistants.

Apply for Graduate Research Assistant Positions

Graduate Research Assitant positions are in high demand at KSU and the Burruss Institute. Typically, positions are available just prior to the beginning of the spring and fall semesters. Open GRA positions are posted to KSU Jobs on a regular basis. You can also call the Burruss Institute to inquire about open positions.

How to Apply

  • Click here to begin applying for available Graduate Research Assistant openings
  • Choose Search KSU Jobs and enter the Key Words Graduate Research Assistant
  • This will provide a listing of available GRA positions