Documentation is a wiki with a collection of articles that have been assembled over time to help the users of the KSU HPC cluster.

UITS maintains the UITS Documentation Center with many articles for supported technologies.

Introduction to the KSU HPC 

    • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • At KSU, our HPC is a cluster of server-class computers (aka nodes) designed to accomplish computational workloads more effectively than traditional desktop and laptop resources.
    • Each node of the HPC is configured with processors with multiple cores and an abundance of system memory
      • Cores ≥ 16 and RAM ≥ 128 GB
    • This cluster of computers resides on a fast network that provides access to a shared set of storage devices.
    • Researcher tasks often apply a heavy load or have large storage needs and are better served running on the HPC system.
    • For some tasks, one computer is not sufficient for completion.
      • Special software is written to utilize multiple computers to complete a job by sharing the tasks and data through the interconnections of the cluster.
    • Some software can even make use of specialized hardware. At KSU, we have:
      • 2 Nodes with GPU capabilities are available.
      • 1 Node with high-memory installed.

    The cluster is a system comprised of

    • Hardware: servers, storage  and resources on a private network 
    • Software: various software for user computation and special software for user job management
    • Off-campus access via VPN
    • HPC & SHPC users log into the manage node
    • One node himem = 1 TB RAM
    • Two gpu nodes with 4 P100 Nvidia GPUs
    • Batch queue = ~50 CPU nodes
    • There are two kinds of storage available to users:
      • /scratch is for run-time storage
        • HPC (47 TB NVMe), SHPC (2.7 TB SSD)
      • /data/home is for long-term storage

    hpc map

  • Faculty can send an email to the KSU Service Desk

    Student Service Desk:

  • Request an HPC Account Form
    This form is for research faculty to request accounts for themselves or to sponsor accounts for students and collaborators external to KSU.  The form is not intended for students to complete.