Computing Resources

KSU has specialized hardware and software available to KSU researchers and their teams.  

  • KSU maintains a High Performance Computing Cluster
    •  Separate queues for CPU, GPU and High Memory jobs.
      • See a list of available compute nodes here.
  • There are over 120 pre-configured software titles.
    • Populare titles include: R, Gaussian, COMSOL, TensorFlow, LAMMPS and MAFFT
      • See the full module list here.
  • A dedicated server for remotely accessing MATLAB.
  • Custom server solutions for security or special data needs.
  • A separate set of hardware is available for student/classroom HPC use.

Coming Soon

We are working to build a documentation library with specific help for KSU resources.

To gain access or request support for these resources, please contact the KSU service desk by calling (470) 578-6999 or sending an email to