Research Highlights

"Research Highlights" are short features about interesting undergraduate research projects at KSU. These stories will rotate on the Office of Undergraduate Research homepage and be stored permanently in the Undergraduate Research Newsletter.

To submit a project, send an email to with the following information:

  1. At least one photo or graphic to go along with the research highlight (e.g., the students presenting research at a conference or engaging in the process of discovery, a group photo of the researchers and faculty mentors). If you have more than one photo/graphic, even better.
  2. Approximately 3-5 paragraphs, written for a general audience, about the research project (e.g., the main topic, the results of the study, why the study is important, how the students and faculty mentor got interested in the topic, how the experience of doing research has been beneficial to the students and/or the faculty mentors, any future plans for the students or the research, etc.). Remember to include the names of all researchers and faculty mentors as well as their disciplines. Feel free to be creative with your Research Highlight; you can go in any direction you would like. 
  3. A catchy title.

Submissions may be edited prior to being made public. If you have any questions, please contact us at