Award Winners

2017 Symposium of Student Scholars Award Winners

  • Best Undergraduate Poster ($200 prize)

    “The Relationship Between Childhood Trauma Exposure and Fear-Potentiated Startle”
    Students: Cheyenne Ashley, Luana Scienza, Rebekah Fallin, Jesse Edmond, Jasmine Williams, Tiana Britton, Jamie Miller
    Faculty Mentor: Ebony Glover
    Department of Psychology

    • Runner-Up Undergraduate Poster ($100 prize)

      “Analysis of General Chemistry Lecture Discourse Regarding Gases and its Effect on Students’ Perception of Chemical Representations at the Macroscopic, Submicroscopic, and Symbolic Levels”
      Students: Amber Gallimore, Isaac Brozino, Joshua Sukumar, Kersten Forsberg
      Faculty Mentor: Michelle L. Head
      Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

      • Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation ($200 prize)

        “Decoding the X: Discovering the Black Experience”
        Student: Skylar Resna Jackson
        Faculty Mentor: Angela Farr Schiller
        Department of Theatre and Performance Studies

        • Runner-Up Undergraduate Oral Presentation ($100 prize)

          “Using Fear-Potentiated Startle to Examine Sex-Related Factors in Test Anxiety”
          Students: Rebekah Fallin, Luana Scienza, Bethany Wyman, Nhat Nguyen, Jesse Edmond, Jasmine Williams, Tiana Britton, Jamie Miller
          Faculty Mentors: Ebony Glover and Sharon Pearcey
          Department of Psychology
          • Library Undergraduate Research Award ($500 prize)

            “Prevalance and Incidence of Health Risk Factors Among Adolescent Girls”
            Students: Kylah Pollard, Sarai Bauguess
            Faculty Mentor: Mohammed Chowdhury
            Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences

            2016 Symposium of Student Scholars Award Winners 

            • Best Poster ($200 prize)

              “Fibonacci Number of the Chorded Cycle”
              Students: Denise Hernandez and David Richmond
              Faculty Mentor: Joe DeMaio
              Department of Mathematics
              • Runner-Up Poster ($100 prize)

                “Quest for Success: On Campus Housing Versus Off Campus Living at Kennesaw State University”
                Student: Jesica Montoya
                Faculty Mentor: Brandon Lundy
                Department of Geography and Anthropology

                • Best Oral Presentation ($200 prize)

                  “Thermal Analysis of Borosilicate Glass for its Biological Applications"
                  Students: Gregory Humble and Johnathon Ard
                  Faculty Mentors: Kisa Ranasinghe and Rajnish Singh
                  Department of Physics

                  • Runner-Up Oral Presentation ($100 prize)

                    “To the Evolution: Cultural Dialogue in the Contemporary American Musical"
                    Student: Elliott Folds
                    Faculty Mentor: Angela Farr Schiller
                    Department of Theatre and Performance Studies