Undergraduate Research Funding Committee

The Undergraduate Research Funding Committee reviews proposals and makes recommendations for recipients of the following funding programs:

Description of the Committee

The Undergraduate Research Funding Committee has one member per College elected from the full-time teaching faculty in the respective College and the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research. Terms are for three (3) years commencing at the beginning of the academic year and may be renewed.

Any member of the Committee who wishes to submit a funding proposal to the Committee will not participate in any Committee activities that involve the consideration of that funding program.

Time commitment: Meetings are held within two weeks of each funding deadline. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

Eligibility: Any full-time teaching faculty with undergraduate research experience is eligible.

Current Members of the Undergraduate Research Funding Committee, College (Last Fiscal Year of Term)

  1. Bagwell College of Education, Charlease Kelly-Jackson (FY20)
  2. Coles College of Business, Jennifer Hutchins, chair (FY18)
  3. College of Architecture and Construction Management, Tim Frank (FY19)
  4. College of Computing and Software Engineering, Jack Zheng (FY18)
  5. College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Robert Simon (FY19)
  6. College of Science and Mathematics, Estella Chen (FY18)
  7. College of the Arts, Jeffrey Campana (FY20)
  8. Honors College, Kami Anderson (FY20)
  9. Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Florian Misoc (FY19)
  10. University College, Joan Dominick (FY19)
  11. Wellstar College of Health and Human Services, Karen Fegely (FY19)
  12. Office of Undergraduate Research, Amy Buddie (ex-officio, voting)