Undergraduate Research Faculty Advisory Council

One important component of the undergraduate research initiative is to get more input from faculty in various disciplines so that efforts can be inclusive of the diverse ways that different programs approach undergraduate research. Therefore, we are creating an Undergraduate Research Faculty Advisory Council. The purpose of this council is to serve in an advisory role regarding undergraduate research initiatives at KSU. The council will be composed of at least one faculty member from each college and will meet once per month. These individuals will serve as a liaison between their college and the campus-wide undergraduate research initiative. Council members will ensure that the unique needs of faculty and students in their colleges are being met through this initiative.

Examples of Discussions

  • Strategies to facilitate students from their colleges submitting proposals to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and applying for the funding associated with this conference;
  • Strategies to increase the number of students engaging in undergraduate research on our campus;
  • Strategies to improve existing undergraduate research experiences on our campus;
  • Strategies for assessment of undergraduate research experiences;
  • Strategies for improving and marketing the existing undergraduate research resources on our campus (e.g., workshops, book clubs, funding, the Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research, the Undergraduate Research Newsletter, the Symposium of Student Scholars, the Undergraduate Research Club).

Current Members

  • Bagwell College of Education: Katy Basch
  • Coles College of Business: Sandra Pierquet
  • College of Architecture and Construction Management: Bronne Dytoc
  • College of the Arts: Harry Price
  • College of Computing and Software Engineering: Rongkai Guo
  • College of Science and Mathematics: Bill Ensign and Susanna Miller
  • Honors College: Kami Anderson and Liza Davis
  • Library: Olga Koz and Aaron Wimer
  • Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology:
  • Sandip Das and Eduardo Farfan
  • University College: Jennifer Purcell